Account Executives

Annie Fish
Associate: Paige Ravesteijn

Erin Hernandez
Associate: Tierney Caputo

Jennifer Lynch
Associate: Hannah Redford
Associate: Abbie Prince

Kent Smith
Creative Director
Associate: Jose Duran
Associate: Cindy Peet

Dede Byrnes
Associate: Claire Marfyak
Associate: Shannon Hancock

Erica Fredericks
Associate: Haley Raphael
Associate: Renzo Rey de Castro

Kristy Strauch
Associate: Kevin Shea

Augie Bove
Associate: Katie Arnott


Alison Cheseldine
Office Manager

Amarlyn Diaz
Account Billing Specialist

Jose Coello
Director of Scheduling

Jason Hine
Accounts Payable

Michael Ford
Billing Assistant


Kathy Valentine
Chief Executive Officer

William A. Homan
Vice Chairman

Shannon Shaffer
Executive Chef

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