Semi-Homemade bourbon tastings, wine dinners, and cooking demos:

Washington D.C. was made in the parlors and kitchens of our fore fathers historic homes, and there was no greater hostess than First Lady Dolley Madison. A woman after our own hearts, Mrs. Madison was known for her love of bourbon, charades, and exceptional hospitality. A key feature to the success of her parties was the facilitation of casual conversation amongst her esteemed guests. Sampling and discussing various spirits and unique worldly cuisine, gave way to the creation of friendships, truces, and in some cases torrid affairs! She made it look easy, and so can you with a little critical thinking about the goals of your party.

For introducing new groups of people, a coursed wine pairing dinner is suggested. Create a seating arrangement that gently nudges acquaintances or strangers to strike up a conversation centered around the meal. If you don’t feel comfortable leading the tasting, we can provide a sommelier to execute on your behalf, and provide a little pre-party crash course in proper table setting, varietals to be tasted, and history of the vineyards the wines yield from, arming you with a bevvy of conversation starters.

If your group is well acquainted, or you are hosting a party too large for a seated meal, a whiskey & bourbon tasting party is a fun way to let adventurous guests try something new. Dark liquor is sometimes an intimidating spirit for those who don’t already enjoy it, but a tasting party can help to ease in the novice drinker, while providing the connoisseur an outlet to indulge and educate. Narrow your selections down to a certain variety {scotch, bourbon, rye, Irish} to allow guests to explore without being overwhelmed. Tossing in a rare spirit, such as a Pappy VanWinkle, or locally distilled spirit will thrill and delight your guests during a blind taste test.

Small nibbles of cheese, fruit, nuts and chocolate must be available throughout the party space to enhance the different flavor notes. Crackers are essential to cleanse the pallet and keeping ice and water available is a responsible way to allow guests to modify taste and potency.

We will work with you to customize a menu that best suits the wine or whiskey you select. Sample menus from past events include beer & black pepper short rib, sliced tenderloin with red wine honey reduction, truffled gruyere mac & cheese, along with many of our signature hors d’ouevres, crudité & charcuterie plates. Salted chocolate pretzels, macaroons, rustic tarts, and bar cookies add a sweet touch to a spirited evening.



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