A trend in office culture that has penetrated all facets of District life is collaboration, creativity, and quality. Why should your lunch be any different? Time to break out of the board room and show your internal guests {your colleagues} just how much you appreciate their hard work.

Location for your meeting will be key to success, if your office space is out of the way or you simply need a break from the same 4 walls, we suggest booking a unique venue such as 300 New Jersey Ave, 750 First Street, or 1275 Penn which all boast rooftop space with incredible views, and have the option for hosting fully digitalized conferences. The Loft at 600 F, Carriage House, and Studio 52 all centrally located are rich with district style, and feature exposed brick meeting spaces, breakout rooms, and most importantly, total privacy.

Keeping things neat and organized is an asset to any corporate function. Put together a menu of items that don’t necessarily require utensils. Nobody wants to confuse their pen with their fork, so eliminate unnecessary clutter and messes by keeping things tiny. Displayed hors d’ouevres, petite bites, and mini versions of classic faire allow for guests to taste a variety of favorites, and help to satisfy an array of unknown dietary restrictions your guests may have. Choosing brightly colored crudité platters and custom designed buffets that stand out against clean office backgrounds is a welcome and fresh break from the standard.

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack or reception – we customize your office entertaining menu to keep your guests as energized, satisfied, and organized so you can focus on increasing business and forging new partnerships.




Bloomberg brunch