A plate of elegantly arranged gourmet appetizers. The bites are garnished with a crispy chip and served with green sauce droplets on the plate.


Baby beet and citrus salad. A chef in a white uniform carefully drizzles sauce over a line of meticulously plated dishes topped with greens. The plates are arranged in a long row on a table, with tuxedoed servers in the background preparing other elements. A rectangular white tray displays a dozen small tarts with swirled meringue toppings. Each tart is garnished with a colorful edible flower in shades of purple, yellow, and white. The tray is on a white textured surface.
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Design Cuisine is a culinary leader in the nation’s capital, the go-to partner for the region’s most discerning clients and prestigious venues. Our work is a dynamic meeting of innovative menus, quality preparation, and meticulous service, united in refined artistry and turn-key service.

From modern, contemporary moments to dignified events steeped in tradition, we are seasoned veterans committed to client satisfaction.


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A gourmet meal on a white plate features a donut-shaped bread, a steak garnished with crispy fried onions, and vegetables, alongside a green puree. A glass of red wine is positioned to the right, partially obscuring the view of the dish. A fork is placed on the left.


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A decorative plate with a blue floral pattern holds six small pastry desserts. Each pastry is topped with shiny chocolate glaze, a dollop of cream, and a green leaf garnish. The plate is placed on a white marble surface.


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A plated dessert featuring a glossy pink dome on a white plate. It is surrounded by strawberries, cream, and garnishes, and is accompanied by a gold fork. The plate is set on a patterned golden tablecloth.


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A plated gourmet dish featuring a pastry topped with a red sauce, garnished with fresh greens, and accompanied by a dollop of guacamole and a heart-shaped cracker. A purple edible flower adds a touch of color to the presentation. Other similar plates are in the background.


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Several chefs in a spacious corridor of Union Station are meticulously plating hundreds of dishes on long tables. Each plate features a variety of gourmet food items. The scene suggests preparation for a large event or banquet. Event at Presidential Suite at Union Station in Washington, DC
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Our Exclusive Venues

For more than 35 years, Design Cuisine has been the capital region’s trusted caterer, partnering with the most prestigious venues in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and the Virginia metro area.

Design Cuisine has served dignitaries, 
presidents, and the elite of Washington and Hollywood alike. Our home in the capital makes 
us uniquely experienced in high-level security clearances and VIP services for the nation’s most exclusive events. No matter the occasion or the destination, our team leads with precision in execution, including onsite management 
through the lifecycle of an event.

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A luxurious table setting features ornate, gold-trimmed porcelain plates adorned with bird motifs. Golden cutlery and crystal glassware are neatly arranged on a black, floral-patterned tablecloth, complemented by elegant name cards and a vibrant floral centerpiece.

DC Rental

DC Rental, a sister company of Design Cuisine, has become a premier rental source for its exceptional selection of glassware, fine china, designer table linens, flatware, chairs, distinctive furniture, and more.

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