Breakfast Cocktail Stations ~ Rise and Shine

Looking for a fun way to wake your team up at the next early morning client meeting? Perhaps a few interactive breakfast cocktail could be of assistance. Here are photos from a recent meeting with two breakfast cocktail stations. The first was a Mini Juice Bar with Pipette Mimosas. For a custom mimosa, grab a curved shot glass of prosecco and fill it with pipettes of passion fruit juice, blood orange juice, pineapple and pink grapefruit juice. To garnish add a sprig of candied ginger. This concept would also work great with a coffee and cordial bar with pipettes of Bailey’s and Frangellico to be added to your coffee.

photo (8)

Our second breakfast cocktail was Bloody Mary Sorbet Pops with Vodka Shooters. Just pop the sorbet into the vodka shot glass to make a refreshing Bloody Mary Slushy. For another twist, drop an oyster into the vodka shot, pop the Bloody Mary sorbet on top and pass with lemon and fresh horseradish. Yum!

photo (10)

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