Wedding Cuisine ~ Buffet Style

Trying to decide between plated verse buffet? Both are great choices. Typically with a buffet setting there are several options to choose from and guests have the benefit of serving items based on preference or dietary needs. Buffets can also be more interactive, allowing guests to mingle around the room (and even come back for more!) Things to consider when choosing buffet or plated are guest size, space in the room and overall ambiance you are looking to achieve. Some events combine a plated first course and buffet entrée ~ the best of both worlds! Design Cuisine has perfected the art of styling a beautiful wedding buffet with colorful and delicious cuisine. Here are some photos from a recent event that served buffet style.

Photography by Marirosa

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The entrée featured Angus Beef with Blue Cheese Fritters, Chesapeake Crab Cakes, Chicken Arugula, Potato-Truffle Casserole, Five Mushroom Tart, Basil Grilled Vegetables and Rustic Breads.

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Miniature Fruit Tarts

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Mini Phyllo Nests & Dulce De Leche Brownies

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Chocolate Mousse Cordials


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